The Million Eyes Trilogy

“Great storyline and an excellent idea for a novel. It’s a book I would want to read.”
Lorraine Mace, award-winning author, columnist and editor

“Packed with potential. I certainly want to read on.”
Christopher Fielden, award-winning author

Million Eyes is a forthcoming trilogy of conspiracy thrillers that poses the question: if time travel is real and history can be changed, what if the timeline we’re living in has already been tampered with? And what if certain key events in our history were never supposed to happen?

The first book follows ex-history teacher Gregory Ferro, who starts uncovering evidence that a mysterious cabal of time travellers has been interfering with our history. His increasingly outlandish theories put strain on his family, but he’s adamant that what he’s uncovering is real, and determined to get to the truth. Enter Jennifer Larson, an in-a-rut history graduate. Will he find a kindred spirit in her? Or will she dismiss him like everyone else?

I’m currently working on the final edit of the first book, after which I will start sending it out to agents and hoping for the best! In the meantime, you can enjoy my regular weekly articles about mysteries and conspiracy theories — some of which take centre stage in Million Eyes.

I’m also working on the Million Eyes Short Storiesa series of short stories that are set in the same world as the Million Eyes novels.

As and when I have news on Million Eyes, I will post it on this blog. You can click here to find out all the latest news. And you can find out more about my writing and previous work on my Bibliography and Past Endeavours page. Enjoy!


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