My picks of the videos I’ve made or had made to support and promote my writing…

The East Pudding Chronicles: The Christmas Monster – Official Book Trailer

A book trailer I had made to promote the first book in my series of children’s books, The East Pudding ChroniclesIt featured wonderfully appropriate, Danny Elfman-esque music by Clive Nolan, was animated beautifully by Simon Byrnes, and yes, that’s me narrating!

Poetry Film – Grey

The first short film I made of one of my poems, Grey. Progressive/power metal band Sonata Arctica kindly gave me their permission to use their song, Everything Fades to Grey. This poem won the Darker Times Fiction Poetry Competition at the end of 2013.

Poetry Film – Marvel of the Sea

Music producer Robin Wildschut sampled my voice from this poetry film and used it to create a dance track called My Direction.

Poetry Film – The Gift

A poetry film about love and about time, which as I mentioned on my About Me page, I’m a little bit obsessed with…



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