Pop Culture Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories

Michael_Jackson_in_Vegas_cropped-2 Walt_disney_portrait

This section looks at some of the most notorious urban legends and conspiracy theories in pop culture history.

Urban legends are stories in 20th and 21st century folklore that may or may not be true. They normally involve ghosts, curses, strange creatures, bizarre deaths or some kind of horrific event, and they spread via the modern mass media.

Pop culture urban legends are the ones associated with movies, TV, celebrities, music, fashion and technology. (For my take on some intriguing time travel urban legends, visit my Time Travel section.) Similarly, pop culture conspiracy theories are allegations of conspiracy, corruption and cover-up made about people in those industries.

Did Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson fake their deaths? Was Paul McCartney replaced by a lookalike in the 60s? Is Poltergeist cursed? Has the Walt Disney Company been deliberately inserting subliminal messages into its cartoons?

Find out here!


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