The Student

The menu at breakfast: cold pizza or sleep
The latter’s my fave and it’s gonna be deep
I’ll lie in until 2 like some nocturnal creature
Inadvertently missing my 9am lecture
To make up for lost learning, I’ll do something productive
Composing a song with my mates – that’s constructive
We’ll deconstruct life with a spliff and guitar
End up with songs about pizza — bizarre!
And we’ll round out the day with downloaded TV
Soggy noodles and cheese, an abundance of tea

Then tomorrow – a stroll – in the sun we might revel
Or perhaps we’ll shoot amateur films on the Level
Mosey down to the pier, grab a pint by the sea
Student night is tonight, let’s go dancing, shall we?
“Mr Brightside” resounds — that one always gets played
And sometimes, we hope, one of us might get laid
Scoff a dirty kebab as we all stumble back
Endeavour to soak up all the snakebite and black
We’ll totter and trip and fall into our beds
When we waken, we know we’ll have bubbles for heads
And because all us students are responsible creatures
We’ll head out, yes we will, for those 9am lectures

A warm feeling pervades at the thought of it all
Suddenly, I’m awake and it’s not like that at all
My alarm’s telling me I must get up for work
Kiss the wife, calm the baby who is going berserk
Trip over the toys as I head out of the door
And wonder what new stress today’s got in store
If only, if only, I had just stayed in bed
If only I’d just stayed a student instead

But I guess even though I know those days are gone
We all travel paths and take turns and move on
But the student’s still in me, comes out on occasion
For some homemade pizza of the four-cheese persuasion
What I learned, who I met, where I went, goes with me
For our past does enrich what we turn out to be


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