The Million Eyes Short Stories

The Million Eyes Short Stories are standalone short stories set in the same world as the Million Eyes Trilogy.

The stories provide glimpses of the conspiracy that is at the heart of the trilogy. Many of the events in the stories are based on real-life conspiracy theories, mysteries and urban legends. Several of the stories are set in different time periods.

At the moment, I have eleven Million Eyes Short Stories completed, with others planned. The eleven completed stories are being submitted to magazines and competitions as we speak.

Four of the Million Eyes Short Stories have been published. Who is Rudolph Fentz? was published in Issue 68 of short fiction magazine Scribble and won 3rd prize out of 19 stories in that issue, voted for by the readers. This issue is now out of print, but I am seeking publication for Who is Rudolph Fentz? as a reprint.

The second, The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller, was published in Issue 11 of Tigershark Magazine and is available to read here.

The third, Rachel Can See, was published in Metamorphose, Volume 2 in November 2016 and won an honourable mention. You can also read a sneak peek on Metamorphose’s website. Rachel Can See was longlisted in the Inktears Short Story Contest 2014.

The fourth, Paul, was published by online short fiction magazine Storgy and is available to read herePaul was previously shortlisted in the Aeon Award Contest 2015.

The Babushka Lady is set to be published in a time travel-themed anthology called The Chronos Chronicles, to be published by Indie Authors Press in 2017.

The other completed stories are:

The Emancipation of Google (winner of the Rushmoor Writers Founders Cup Prize 2015 and longlisted in the Inktears Short Story Contest 2015)
Operation Loch Ness
Eryl Mai’s Dream
The Quiet Invasion
The Box
Rachel Can Still See 
(winner of the Rushmoor Writers Hyde Cup Prize 2016)

More news coming soon… Find out the latest by clicking here.

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