The Gift

Time follows us like a shadow
One glance behind, there he is, pushing us on
Sometimes he brings us gifts
Sometimes he takes them away
And he makes us look for them

I remember
One gift, lasted years,
The glint of the wrapping around
The softness of that sound on my ear –
“I love you”
But of course it had
And others saw
Its very conspicuous ‘best before’

Time, how callous he is
When he takes our gifts
And scatters our hearts
But he doesn’t stop
He’s always on the go
Will he bring us a new gift?
I hope so

Keep going, he says, as he runs up behind
I’m not going anywhere
I’m not promising anything
You just have to hope
Or even pray
That at some point I’ll be having a good day

Meanwhile, don’t be idle
Because you might find the gift on the way


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