I’ve joined the team at ‘Time Travel Nexus’ as a contributor!

I’m super-excited to have been chosen to become one of three new contributors to Time Travel Nexus, a website for time travel enthusiasts.

It covers movies, books and TV series in the time travel genre, as well as discussion about real world research into the possibilities of travelling in time.

Apart from my own writing in the genre (my forthcoming novel, Million Eyes, and its accompanying series of short stories), one of the reasons I was chosen is because of my research into real-life time travel conspiracy theories and urban legends. Stories like Rudolph Fentz, Andrew Carlssin, the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and the Vanishing Hotel. I’ll be helping Time Travel Nexus to explore these stories and debate the evidence for whether time travel is already happening all around us. Cue some lively discussions!

I’m also scheduled to be doing some serious geeking out over my favourite time travel episodes of Star Trek and Doctor Who, as well as movies like Looper, The Butterfly Effect and Back to the Future.

Looks like my life’s about to get a lot more wibbly wobbly. Can’t wait.


Nicolas Cage is a vampire

A few years ago, online entrepreneur Jack Mord made a curious discovery in an album of American Civil War-era portraits — a 140-year-old photograph of Nicolas Cage!

According to Mord, the photo is an original carte de visite (a type of small photograph) from circa 1870, taken by Professor G.B. Smith, a Confederate Civil War prisoner of war photographer. It shows a man, apparently from Tennessee, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Face-Off and National Treasure star. Jack Mord believes it really is Nicolas Cage and that Cage is a member of the “walking undead” or an immortal vampire who “reinvents himself once every 75 years or so”.

It’s true that the man in the photo does look remarkably like the Hollywood actor. Jack Mord also noticed an inconsistency between this photo and the rest of the photos in the album — everybody else was named, this man was not.

So could this mysterious nameless man actually be Nicolas Cage?

On discovering the photo, Mr Mord stuck it straight on eBay, selling it for the princely sum of $1million because he believed it constituted proof of a major Hollywood star’s immortality. He also said he’d allow the buyer to authenticate the photo’s age before the sale went through.

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Did Rudolph Fentz time travel? My short story about the famous urban legend is now published in Storgy Magazine

Who is Rudolph Fentz? was the first of the Million Eyes Short Stories to be published, way back in 2015 in Issue 68 of Scribble Magazine (and it won 3rd prize in their quarterly comp too).

Since that issue of Scribble is long out of print, I’ve been looking for a magazine to re-publish it. Now Storgy Magazine, who published Paul last November, have published Who is Rudolph Fentz? online — which means you can all read it for free!

The story is based on the famous time travel urban legend of Rudolph Fentz (who you can read about here) and centres on a man, Forrest Thomson, determined to get to the truth of who he is and how he ended up in the middle of Times Square in June 1950. But could Forrest be entering dangerous territory as he investigates those responsible?

You can read Who is Rudolph Fentz? by clicking this link to Storgy.

Enjoy, folks, and thank you Storgy Magazine for publishing another of my stories!

Coming soon: Princess Diana had a secret daughter?!

Talking time travel, Charlie Chaplin and Donald Trump with filmmaker George Clarke


George Clarke is an award-winning film director, screenwriter, producer and founder of independent film company Yellow Fever Productions. Best known for his micro-budget zombie horror flicks, his sixth feature film, The Blood Harvest, won two awards at the 2015 Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Florida.

But back in 2010, George shot to worldwide attention for an entirely different reason. He found what he believed to be a time traveller in a Charlie Chaplin DVD extra and posted his discovery on YouTube, sparking a 21st-century urban legend.


Today I’m interviewing George in order to get to the bottom of his thoughts on the time travel conspiracy happening all around us…


Hi George. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. How have you been and what are you working on right now?

Thanks for the interest and support! The past 6 months have been pretty crazy on a personal level, which in turn has scuppered the latter half of 2016 for me. We’ve had some major delays in the production of my 7th feature film, Mindy Has To Die, which is based on the novella by US horror comedy writer Jeff Strand. It began shooting in June but with so much having happened in between I’ve still got 3 days to schedule for completion. This meant that at the 7th Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in November, it was the first time in all these years I didn’t have a premiere of my new film. But we’ll get there! I’ve had worse thrown at me over the years and I’m still going…

One of the things you’re known for is the ‘Chaplin’s Time Traveller’ YouTube video, which is approaching 7 million views. In it you talk about how you’d spotted a possible time traveller in an extra on the DVD of Charlie Chaplin film The Circus. Can you talk me through what was going through your head when you first saw this clip?

It’s almost 7 million on my YouTube channel, yes, but I still can’t get over the fact that it was shown on most (if not all) major news channels, breakfast shows and media websites around the world. Crazy! I had noticed the video about a year before I made my discovery public. In fact, a few months earlier, I did a live reveal at our 2nd film festival to an audience and left most people speechless by what they saw. It led to some amazing debates of course!

When I first found it, I remember sitting on the couch just casually watching the premiere footage of The Circus. I’ve always loved old footage so I was watching intently at what was happening on screen. And as you become comfortable watching things in 1928, something as odd as someone talking on a handset really stands out. I jumped up off the couch and rewound the footage to double check, then started calling people to take a look.

Why did you conclude that this woman was a time traveller?

It was 1928 and the woman seemed to be having a fun chat on a mobile phone! What else could I think? Plus, I love the romance of it being a time traveller. Perhaps Chaplin himself went back in time to attend a personal event that made him very happy, but of course, had to be in disguise.

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My interview on Spaced Out Radio looks at Princess Diana’s crash, Flat Earth, time travel and if Paul McCartney’s really dead


My interview on Spaced Out Radio is now available for listening! It aired live at 9pm Pacific time, 12am Eastern time and 5am UK time.

We ended up going for three whole hours, but seriously, they were the fastest three hours ever! Host Dave Scott was a lovely, friendly chap and we discussed a ton of interesting stuff.

The major topics we looked at were the uncomfortable questions surrounding Princess Diana’s deathFlat Earth Theory; the NASA moon landing hoax theories; the Royal Family being lizards; a conspiracy to cover up the existence of time travel; and whether Paul McCartney died long ago and was replaced by a duplicate (plus whether Heather Mills was at one stage trying to reveal the truth). We also touched on Roswell.

Please bear in mind that this was my first time ever on the radio! I’ve listened to some of it back and there’s a few too many “erms” for my liking, but it’s an interesting discussion and hopefully I’ve got some tongues wagging about these highly controversial conspiracy theories! I’ve also got some great ideas for future blogs, thanks to Dave and the audience members who asked questions. 😀

Best of all, I’m told that the audience “loved me” and Dave is mighty keen to have me back on the show in the future! Whoop!

You can listen on YouTube and you can download the show for free from iTunes. Right now it can also be listened to on Spaced Out Radio’s website, until the next show airs.

Time travel in Times Square? The strange case of Rudolph Fentz

An alleged photo of the mysterious Rudolph Fentz

An alleged photo of the mysterious Rudolph Fentz

When people go missing, does anyone ever think that they might’ve fallen through time? Of course not, because time travel’s impossible… isn’t it?

In 1950, a man in Victorian-era clothes was spotted in Times Square, New York City. Witnesses who saw him said he looked startled and disoriented, like he didn’t know where he was. Then he ran out in front of a taxi and was killed.

When his body was searched, a number of 19th century items were discovered in his pockets: old, obsolete banknotes, a copper token bearing the name of a saloon, a bill from a stable for washing a carriage and feeding a horse. None of these items showed any sign of aging.

Also found were some business cards with the name “Rudolph Fentz” on them, plus a letter to Fentz that was postmarked June 1876.

Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the NYPD Missing Persons Department investigated and eventually tracked down Rudolph Fentz’s daughter-in-law. She said that one evening in 1876, her husband’s father went out for a stroll and disappeared. Rihm checked missing persons records for 1876. To his astonishment, there was an entry for a ‘Rudolph Fentz’ matching the description of the man who’d been run over in Times Square.

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Do the Nazca Lines prove that ancient humans could fly?

The Nazca Lines were discovered by a Peruvian archaeologist in 1927 and have bewildered the world ever since. Some say they reveal a shocking truth: humans were capable of manned flight 1,500 years ago…

The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs—aka drawings on the ground—spread across 168 square miles of the Nazca Desert in Peru and consisting of 13,000 lines. The drawings include depictions of a spider, hummingbird, lizard, monkey, pelican and various other creatures, as well as geometric patterns and straight lines stretching for miles. Carbon dating has estimated that they are at least 1,500 years old.

What do they mean? Scientists and archaeologists are still trying to work this out. Many believe that the ancient Nazca Indians created them to be seen by their gods from the sky, perhaps as some kind of worship or message. Others have looked for astronomical connections. To this day, nobody knows what the lines really mean or what their purpose was.

For me, though, it’s not about what or why. It’s about how. The Nazca Lines are a bit like Stonehenge. Nobody knows Stonehenge’s true purpose, but the big question is how on Earth ancient tribespeople were able to haul those enormous 50 ton stones up onto the Salisbury Plain and erect them. It’s a question that’s never been satisfactorily answered.

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“Who is Rudolph Fentz?” wins 3rd prize in Scribble Magazine

Scribble Prize Winners

I’m delighted to report that my short story Who is Rudolph Fentz? has won 3rd prize of the winter issue of Scribble magazine. This story was the first of the Million Eyes Short Stories to be published.

Scribble Winter 2015 CoverWho is Rudolph Fentz? was one of 19 stories published in the winter issue. The way Scribble works is that the readers vote on their top 3 stories, and the winners are announced in the following issue.

So, as announced in the spring edition that arrived yesterday through the post, my story was 3rd out of 19. I also got a lovely little cheque for £15. It’s not much, but for a writer, every little helps! 🙂

What’s also great about Scribble is that I received comments and feedback from some of the readers. Here are some of the comments I received:

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