Commercial fiction vs literary fiction + story updates


Good evening Earth. This week I’m talking about a popular conspiracy theory that President-elect Trump was assassinated by a coalition of Western governments before he could destroy Mexico’s economy, give guns to toddlers, and nuke the Middle East.

Wait—what? There’s no such conspiracy theory, you say? President-elect Trump hasn’t been assassinated?

Ah, okay. Sorry, must’ve been a premonition/dream/desperate hope I had.

Instead, I’ll give you a round-up of story updates and some tips for writers on understanding the differences between literary and commercial fiction.

Rachel Can Still See wins the Hyde Cup 2016

hyde-cupYesterday I received a nice little boost for my recently completed short story, Rachel Can Still See. It won the Hyde Cup 2016, an internal Rushmoor Writers competition, organised and judged each year by the members. The story got great feedback, so my plan is to start submitting it immediately to publishers and short story competitions.

This story is one of the Million Eyes Short Stories and a sequel to Rachel Can See (though it can sensibly stand alone). Rachel Can See has just been published in Metamorphose V2 (more details below).

I won £25 and a little cup for my mantelpiece. Whoop! 😀

Million Eyes

I’m down to the last couple of chapters of my novel, Million Eyes. My copywriting busyness has skyrocketed, so I’m getting through it slowly. Planning a good old sesh over Christmas, so my hope is that I’ll have reached the end by the time we draw the curtains on 2016. Then I’ll be ready to start the final edit next year.

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The truth about Hillary Clinton’s body double

Is this the real Hillary?

Is this the real Hillary?

Is Hillary Clinton dead? Rumour has it she’s kicked the bucket and been replaced by a body double…

The internet loves a conspiracy theory. Hillary Clinton has faced accusations about her health throughout her presidential campaign, mainly fuelled by her opponent, Donald Trump (who claims to be in perfect health despite his large size and having the brains of a potato).

She’s been accused of having Parkinson’s, seizures, dysphasia… you name it. In 2012, she fainted—it was said due to dehydration—and hit her head, sustaining concussion. Subsequently a blood clot was found and she had to have surgery. Despite Hillary telling the world numerous times that she’s made a full recovery, conspiracy theorists believe that she and her aides are telling whopping porkies.

Apparently Hillary takes daily blood thinners for deep vein thrombosis after her 2012 blood clot and an earlier one in 2009. She suffered a further clot back in 1998, when her husband Bill was president. In 2015, a doctor’s letter revealed that she suffered from an under-active thyroid gland.

Then, on September 11th this year, in attendance at a ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial in New York, Hillary was taken ill. The following video shows her in plain sight having to be supported by aides and nearly collapsing.

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