Strange and Unexplained Creatures


The world is full of strange and unexplained creatures that challenge our traditional understanding of the natural world. Creatures whose existence has not been verified fall into the category of ‘cryptids’.

Cryptids are the creatures that manage to evade us even as we search for them, and in some cases they’ve been hiding from us for hundreds of years. They include Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, chupacabras, the Jersey Devil, ghost dogs or ‘Hellhounds’, and many other monsters and unexplained creatures of the sea and the woods.

Then there are those creatures whose unusual carcasses are found in the desert, or washed up on the beach, who continue to confound the scientific community years after their discovery, such as the Atacama Alien and the Montauk Monster.

Finally, there are some very real monsters too, freaks of nature that horrify or mystify. Are government experiments at work? Secret genetic splicing gone wrong? Or was evolution simply having a mad five minutes?

In this section, you’ll find articles about a range of monsters, cryptids, unexplained animal sightings, unusual corpses, unexplained creatures caught on tape, and some of the world’s most bizarre species of flora and fauna.


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