Space, UFOs and Aliens

“The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us… seems like an awful waste of space.”
Ellie Arroway, Contact

The observable universe is about 28 billion parsecs in diameter, and one parsec is equivalent to 19 trillion miles – and that’s only the part of the universe we can see. Within that, there are more than 100 million galaxies, with 300 sextillion stars, and there probably isn’t a word for how many planets there are. I didn’t even know that ‘sextillion’ was a word.

There’s an infinite amount of stuff we don’t yet know or simply can’t fathom about the universe, or even our own galaxy. But the one question that gets asked the most is – is it just us? It’s one of the reasons people get so hung up on UFOs, alien abductions, government/alien conspiracy theories and the possibility of aliens among us.

Do aliens exist? Are UFO sightings and alien abductions really happening, and is the government covering them up? Did ancient aliens influence ancient cultures, and did aliens build the pyramids? Are aliens among us, disguised as important political figures? Are the Royal Family alien reptiles in disguise? What are the pyramids of Mars? These are some of the questions I’ll be asking in this section.

I’ll also be looking at some of the questions people have about space, planets and stars that don’t relate to UFOs and aliens. Questions like, were the moon landings faked by NASA? What is the Black Knight satellite? Is the Earth actually flat? Is the moon nothing but a hologram?


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