Somewhere in Time

There’s a whispering outside my window
I go and I smile and there
A dove spreads its wings for me to fall on
In answer to my little prayer

I fly away with my daughter’s sweet voice in my ear
My son and my grandchildren call
I’m off for some fun, but I promise to be back
To pick you all up if you fall

Like when a tear forms or a sweet smile sours
Or your head’s in a horrible muddle
Come down will a mighty, great gust of wind –
That is me. I’m just giving you a cuddle

I’m saying farewell to wheelchairs, sticks
And a stair lift that always went wrong
I’m breathing this breeze as I’m bending my knees
And I’m dancing and bursting with song

Pain – what is that? The only thing left
That I’ll be taking with me as I go
Is the love and the memories I’ve shared with you all
Melts my heart like when sun touches snow

Here I go, here I fly, over the water to reach
Where the green hills roll into the sun
And the skies are blue, I see me and you
I’m complete now, I’ve finally won

Imagine when sunshine is warming your hand
It is me placing your hand in mine
Let your tears dry away, it’s a brand new day
And I’ll see you again

Somewhere in time


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