Short Stories

A selection of some short stories I have written. They’re mostly horror/ghost stories. Apart from Psycho. That one’s just… weird.

Just click the title to download the PDF.

Dead Letters

Another breath. That second breath wasn’t hers.

When the wrong letters keep getting delivered to Dina Macey’s house, she is simply annoyed at first. Then Dina starts feeling as though someone is watching her, and when she eventually decides to open one of the letters, she quickly wishes she hadn’t.


(Runner-up in the November 2013 Darker Times Fiction competition)

I’m panicking. It’s the book. It’s making me panic.

Marie Kenneth is enjoying some mild reading, until suddenly her book takes a sinister turn and Marie realizes the book is not what it seems. As she does some digging, she learns disturbing things about the writer, and finds herself at the centre of a real-life murder mystery.

The Fresher

Scratching. Scraping. Like fingernails scoring the wood.

Josh Harding, on his first night at university, is ill and forced to stay in instead of going out clubbing with the rest of his corridor. But Josh soon finds that he is not alone. Someone is leaving cookies and milk outside his room. And scratching at his door. Is someone playing a joke? Or is something more menacing at work?


(Won second prize in the 2014 ‘To Hull and Back’ Short Story Competition)

It wasn’t the first time I had dreamed of these things. Dreamed of the ‘L’, the orange scissors, the train…

When Ron moves into his new home, suddenly he starts seeing the objects that keep appearing in his dreams. This compels him to do some very strange things and he wonders if he is going mad, or if there is more to what is going on than he realizes.



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