Religious Conspiracies


The institutions that govern the world’s leading religions are powerful, and power breeds distrust. For centuries, allegations of corruption and conspiracy have been levelled against churches and religious organisations – but is there any truth to them?

Conspiracy theorists allege that much of what is contained in the Bible is a deception. One of the truths being covered up is that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and had children, and that his secret bloodline persists to this day (a theory popularised by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code). Others believe that Jesus’s resurrection was faked, that Jesus was a time traveller, or that Jesus never existed at all.

There are also theories about Catholics or Jews being the true architects of the 9/11 attacks; that the Knights Templar are secretly still around; that the Prophet Muhammad never existed; that Pope John Paul I was assassinated; and more recently, that there has been a calculated conspiracy to cover up child sex abuse by priests in the Catholic Church.

These are the stories I will look at here…