Raymond – A Christmas Tale

Raymond was a guy I used to know
A quiet fella – hardly said hello
He’d just stand there for hours
Simply staring at the flowers
I ’spose that’s ’cause I made him out of snow.

I did however tell him all my woes
As I watched the snowdrops sparkle on his nose
He listened quite intently
Though his eyes fell out habitually
He’d never let it spoil his repose.

But one day I found Raymond looking ill
I asked him what was wrong but he was still
Perhaps he had a cough
Because his face had fallen off
He looked like he was struggling up a hill.

It could’ve been ’cause Christmas had gone by
But I told him not to worry, time will fly
Look, the sun’s come out
Be happy, dance about!
The air is warm – don’t waste it on a sigh.

That night in bed I listened to him sob
I felt my heart begin to gently throb
Next day, and it was done
A tragic murder by the sun
There was nothing left of Raymond but a blob.


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