My Small World

Once upon a time, the world was fields of green stretching for miles
But it shrunk and shrunk – now it’s a tiny roundabout
In the middle of a wasteland
Smoke, dirt, Stella cans, stilettos stabbing holes in the tender earth
And they call it a town.

I’ve been here forever, used to watch the glinting water in the stream ripple
Now I watch the gushing river of metal and wheels surge
Around my little home
But I’ve still got my leaf.

Once I lost my friend – a giant, monster machine got dropped on top of her
Stayed there for ages, beeped and sang and whistled sometimes
And then a woman inside kept saying
“Welcome to the O2 Voicemail Messaging Service”
The woman who killed my friend.

But they won’t get rid of me
I’m the immortal woodlouse and I’ll be here forever
Even if they build a pub on my roundabout
I’ll live in the flower bed
‘Cause I’ve still got my leaf.


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