Government Conspiracies

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Nobody trusts the government. Why would we?

They lie to us every time they want to get elected. The UK Parliament was dubbed ‘rotten’ after the MPs’ expenses scandal. President Clinton demonstrated a willingness to tell repeated barefaced lies to the world during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Watergate revelations proved that the government – and the President himself – are completely capable of participating in a conspiracy. And worse still, Operation Northwoods demonstrated that branches of the government are willing to go to extreme lengths for political purposes – to the extent that they might stage terrorist attacks against their own country to further a political goal.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are a million and one conspiracy theories about the government and its operations. These theories range from the centuries-old suspicions that the Gunpowder Plot was an inside job, to the allegations of a worldwide government cover-up of the existence of UFOs and aliens, to the widely held beliefs that the US government were the true architects of 9/11…