The CIA have confessed to assassinating Marilyn Monroe

Just over a month ago, retired CIA agent Normand Hodges made an astonishing confession: he was part of an assassination taskforce for the US government and murdered 37 people, including Marilyn Monroe… An article by World News Daily Report reported on 25th March that 78-year-old retired CIA agent Normand Hodges had admitted to committing 37 […]

Roswell – so it was a cover-up all along

When something crashed at Roswell in 1947, the US military told the media that it was a “harmless, high-altitude weather balloon.” It was revealed decades later that in fact this was a lie, and that the government did engineer a cover-up at Roswell after all… Project Mogul – the truth? In 1947 rancher William ‘Mac’ […]

Did time travellers land in Rendlesham Forest in 1980?

In December 1980, aliens allegedly landed in Rendlesham Forest, England in a triangular spacecraft. Where did these aliens come from? One of the witnesses, Sergeant Jim Penniston, has the answer. Earth. Because they weren’t aliens at all. They were us. Two famous alleged encounters with UFOs in Britain have been dubbed the ‘British Roswell’. The […]