TV Review – Fearless Season 1 – everything Paranoid wasn’t

This six-part 2017 British TV series is everything a good conspiracy thriller should be. And it’s everything 2016’s Paranoid was not. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR FEARLESS SEASON 1 Paranoid felt like it was written by a five-year-old with a big book of conspiracy clichés close at hand. Risible characters, panto performances, juvenile—sometimes nonsensical—dialogue, and a plot […]

10 Great Conspiracy Movies and TV Series

Being a fan of conspiracy theories also makes me a fan of conspiracy movies and TV shows. Those which dramatise famous theories, or centre on government agencies and fictional organisations trying to screw with people’s lives or cover up heinous crimes. Here’s a list of ten conspiracy movies and TV series that are totally worth a […]

TV Review – 24: Live Another Day

In an extra blog for this week, I’m reviewing the latest series of action-oriented conspiracy thriller 24, which aired earlier this year. Spoilers for 24: Live Another Day and 24: Day 5 ahead. For those who enjoy conspiracy thrillers, 24 is a must. All nine seasons have been pretty consistent in entertainment value, and Day […]

Are we being tricked and deceived by The X Factor?

A popular TV conspiracy theory that pops up every year is that ITV’s The X Factor is fake, fixed and staged. Are we all being manipulated? For those who don’t know (and if you don’t, you must’ve been living in a box underground with no access to the Internet, TV, newspapers or human interaction since […]

TV Review – Dark Skies

In an extra blog for this week, I’m reviewing Dark Skies, a conspiracy theory-based sci-fi series from the 90s, which followed in the footsteps of The X Files but was cancelled before its time. Spoilers ahead. I try to avoid cancelled TV shows unless I know they’ve ended properly, which often means waiting for a show […]