Ghost caught on CCTV at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace in Greater London is famous for its ghosts, but there’s never been any hard evidence—only eyewitness sightings. That is, until 2003, when a ghost dubbed ‘Skeletor’ popped up on the palace’s CCTV… In the early 1500s, Hampton Court was built by Cardinal Wolsey for King Henry VIII and became the king’s favourite […]

The truth about Loch Ness – time travel and the Taos Hum

Loch Ness in Scotland is a hotbed of intrigue, mostly because of copious alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, affectionately dubbed ‘Nessie’. A little further investigation reveals that Loch Ness has also played host to poltergeists, the famous Taos Hum, birds going berserk and time travel. So just what is going on at Loch […]