Were JFK and Marilyn Monroe’s deaths linked? Find out in my story “The Babushka Lady”, now published in “The Chronos Chronicles”

Did you ever wonder if the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy might be connected? The lead character in my short story The Babushka Lady is on the trail of the killer — but is everything as it seems?

The Babushka Lady is the latest of the Million Eyes short stories to be released. It’s a time travel story that homes in on the continuing mysteries and conspiracy theories that surround the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and JFK. It also explores the identity of the ‘Babushka Lady’, the woman who saw and took pictures of JFK’s assassination but has never been traced or identified.

The mysterious Babushka Lady

The story has been published in a time travel anthology called The Chronos Chronicles by Indie Authors Press. Sci-fi author Paul Levinson calls it a “riotous feast of time travel stories, fresh and profound, touching the classic bases with a surprising originality and diversity of style”.

The book is out now and available to buy for £9.99 — which is cheap for an anthology! You can find out more about the book and its authors or you can buy a copy.

I hope you enjoy reading The Babushka Lady. It was definitely one of the most fun to write!

If you’re interested in reading more Million Eyes short stories, here is a list of all the places where they’ve been published.


All 5 books in Christmas series “The East Pudding Chronicles” are available to buy from Amazon

Find out where Christmas really came from... All 5 books in Roald Dahl and Tim Burton-inspired Christmas series "The East Pudding Chronicles" are now available!

Find out where Christmas really came from… All 5 books in Roald Dahl and Tim Burton-inspired Christmas series “The East Pudding Chronicles” are now available!

Warning: shameless book plug ahead. (Hey, it’s Christmas!)

Now that December’s here and sleigh bells are jingling, I wanted to tell my loyal readers (including my lovely new followers) about my Christmas-centric book seriesThe East Pudding Chronicles — in case you’re looking for some quirky Christmas reading for your kids!

These books, which are beautifully illustrated by Emily Harper, have two main influences: Tim Burton and Roald Dahl. Neither of these creative geniuses have ever shied away from darker elements in their children’s stories.

Specifically, it was Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (a story once considered so dark and risky that Disney wouldn’t put their name on it; now it’s one of the Mouse House’s most popular films) that served as an influence for the mood, style and Christmas setting of The East Pudding Chronicles. The rest came from my own love of the season, and in particular, my curiosity about all the different traditions that are such a crucial part of it.

I therefore came up with my own slightly weird, occasionally wacky, often heartfelt origin stories for why Santa Claus visits us, why we kiss under the mistletoe, pull Christmas crackers and put up Christmas trees, and what Christmas ‘really’ means.

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