Book, TV and Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews

Here you will find a list of book reviews, TV reviews and movie reviews in the conspiracy genre, many of which have inspired the writing of Million Eyes. I post these from time to time on the blog, normally as extra blogs for that week.

The conspiracy fiction genre is not surprisingly one of my favourites. A thriller subgenre (usually), the villains tend to be part of an organisation pulling all kinds of strings from ‘behind the curtain’, often engaging in murders to cover up their activities. Prison Break had the Company. The X Files had the Syndicate. Enemy of the State had the NSA, and The Da Vinci Code had the Catholic Church.

Usually our protagonists start finding evidence that a larger power is behind something, and resolve to discover the truth. What tends to come with this is a series of tropes common in the conspiracy genre: mystery, suspicion, murders, chase scenes and surprise twists.

And now that 24 is over (my regular dose of televisual conspiracy for a lot of years), I’m always open to new conspiracy movies and series. If you know of any you’d recommend, please let me know!


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