Beautiful Nature

Do you notice the petal that winks
As it sits on the silvery stream
Do you notice the whisper of water, untainted
Do you see it shimmer and gleam

Do you notice the coo of the swallow
Do you notice the steps of the deer
Do you look, do you slow when it enters the road
Do you see its eyes widen in fear

Do you notice the flower that’s gasping for air
Do you notice its leaves start to wilt
Do you care that the natural world’s straining to breathe
Amidst all this shit you have built

Do you walk by and take care where you’re treading
Do you notice the ant or cranefly
Do you splatter their brains underneath all your shoes
Walk away, never care, never cry

Perhaps Father Karma will bite
When you die, there’s the toll of a bell
And that flower, that deer and that cranefly you slayed
Reap their vengeance and drag you to hell


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