About Me

IMG_5347I’m a writer with a penchant for mystery and conspiracy and a big hard-on for time travel.

Though it seems like a past life, I started out in the courtroom badgering witnesses and shouting “Objection!” Eventually the call of creativity compelled me to turn my back on the law (as in, leave the legal profession, not become a gun-slinging vigilante).

I write conspiracy thrillers, typically with a sci-fi or fantasy bent. I was told recently that my fiction is ‘Dan Brown with sci-fi’. I’m working on a trilogy of novels called Million Eyes which I think of as being The Da Vinci Code meets Doctor Who meets 24. I’ve also written and published a series of short stories set in the Million Eyes universe.

Why conspiracy thrillers? It’s because I love a good villain. Always have, ever since I was four and used to pretend to be Mumm-Ra from Thundercats, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and the Emperor from Star Wars. (Wait, did I just admit that?) In a conspiracy thriller, there are lots of villains. They tend to be part of the government, the church, a big corporation, or a secret society, which makes them much scarier — and harder to beat — than a singular bad guy. Part of the fun of a conspiracy thriller is unveiling those involved, uncovering their plans, and discovering the ‘big bad’ who masterminded it all.

When I’m not beavering away at my laptop, you can normally find me down the pub with a cider, in Disneyland, climbing a mountain or watching something timey-wimey. (For those who don’t get that reference, you sorely need to connect with your inner geek and watch Doctor Who‘s Blink at once.)

You can take a look at my Bibliography and Past Endeavours to find out more about my self-published books for children and some other bits and pieces. If you need to know anything else, here’s a handy list.


Dipping solid chocolate in melted chocolate
Talking time travel with fellow geeks
Awesome scenery
Tim Burton
Walking along the beach
Too many films and TV series to mention, but a few faves are Stardust, the Alien movies, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Back to the Future, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Butterfly Effect, Somewhere in Time, Lost, 24, The Da Vinci Code, Damages, Line of Duty…


Anything with chilli in it
Blokes who think it’s okay to spit in the street – yuck!

Any questions?


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