About Me

So I’m a writer. That much you know. Here are 10 more things you might like to know…

1. I’m odd.

I don’t think I’m too eccentric, but my housemate does tell me I’m the weirdest person she knows. I can certainly appreciate the weird things in life. Like this, for example.


2. I wish it could be Christmas everyday

I LOVE Christmas. People complain about how commercial it’s become. I love how commercial it’s become. Submerge me in a sea of fairy lights, gifts, baking, singing and dancing reindeer, Christmas songs and Home Alone, and I am content. Thank the gods Christmas is such a money-spinner. It means that it’s everywhere. Maybe I belong in the US. I suspect there’s less humbugs over there.

3. Geekdom

Through and through, I’m a geek. At one point, I could name all 172 episodes of Star Trek Voyager in order from beginning to end. I can still name each episode within 10 seconds of seeing a clip. Yes, indeed. And proud of it.

4. Disney toys!

And this was in 2006!

And this was in 2006!

I have a collection of probably more than 500 Disney soft toys that have adorned the various bedrooms in the various places I’ve lived (one day they will all have a proper home in an epic Disney room, when I decide to buy a house). Yes, I adore Disney. I’ve been to Disney World Florida twice, Disneyland California twice and Disneyland Paris, ahem, 9 times.

5. Darkness


I have some darkness in my veins, flowing in curious harmony with all the Disney-flavoured sugar syrup. I love horror films. I love Tim Burton. His book of poems, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, is creepy and wonderful. Dark Shadows, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and, of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas are all incredible films. I’m a fan of noisy rock and metal music and I wear a lot of black, usually emblazoned with skulls, and own a collection of necklaces with dead bugs inside them. I have a hulking collection of gothic ornaments.

6. The Americans make good television

I love US TV shows. In my opinion, they are far superior to our TV. (Sorry, Britain.)

7. I could never be a vegetarian

Giving up chicken, bacon, steak, duck etc would be like giving up breathing air. I’m a carnivore through and through. Sometimes I’ll go to an all-you-can-eat, skip the carbs and just have a plate of meat. Yum.

8. I’ve got a thing for time… and time travel


Time is a recurring theme in my writing. You’ll see from some of my poems. And time travel features heavily in the Million Eyes Trilogy. I love it. Changing history, alternate timelines, predestination, the Bootstrap Paradox, the Grandfather Paradox, the works. Time travel is always great fun. Back to the Future is the greatest trilogy of all time, I’m a dedicated Star Trek and Doctor Who fan, I’m a sucker for time travel romances like Somewhere in Time, and The Butterfly Effect is one of my all-time favourite movies. 

9. Opinions.

I have rather a lot of these. You may come to realise this as you read this blog.

10. I turned my back on the law

Before I turned to writing full-time, I spent my career as a criminal defence and employment lawyer. So I got to stand up in court and shout, “Objection!” and say to witnesses, “You’re lying, aren’t you?!” It was good fun, but I think prefer the little world in my head to the real one.

Oh, and—

10.5. This is me


Any questions?

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