About This Blog

I’m a British-based writer who sees great allure in cover-ups, conspiracy theories, urban legends and unsolved mysteries. This blog takes a light-hearted look at some of the most famous, the most bizarre and the most compelling. From popular conspiracy theories like Roswell to proven conspiracies like Watergate. From the Princes in the Tower to Jack the Ripper. From New World Order to the Bermuda Triangle to real-life time travel.

My aim is to post a new article every Thursday, other writing commitments permitting. You can find these articles by visiting Monsters, Mysteries and Conspiracy Theories, which divides all the subjects I write about into categories, or by checking out my Archives and Recent Posts, displayed on each page.

One article per month will be dedicated to providing news and updates about my writing, as well as offering advice and tips to fellow writers. These articles can be found by visiting News and Advice for Writers.

Right now I’m working on a trilogy, Million Eyes, which delves into some of the mysteries and conspiracies that have always fascinated me.

Over the course of this blog’s (hopefully long) life, I will share news, teasers and previews for Million Eyes. A number of short story prequels are also in production and will be released first…

So grab a cup of tea, make yourself at home and prepare to be drawn into a world of aliens, assassinations, unexplained disappearances, hoax space missions and Men In Black…


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