My short story “Who is Rudolph Fentz?” will be published in the winter edition of Scribble

December greetings to all!

ScribbleIssue53CoverIt’s now confirmed that Who is Rudolph Fentz? – the first of the Million Eyes Short Stories  – will be published in the winter 2015 edition of award-winning short fiction magazine Scribble.

Who is Rudolph Fentz? will be readers’ first insight into the world of Million Eyesmy trilogy of novels about a colossal time travel conspiracy.

This story is based on the urban legend of Rudolph Fentz, which I plan to do a more in-depth blog on soon. (I covered the legend previously in my article on time travel in Downton Abbey, and my article about alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin.)

Scribble is a quarterly short story magazine that has been running since 1999, has a wide reader base and won an award for “Best Short Fiction Magazine” in 2007.  You can buy an annual subscription to the magazine or a copy of the latest issue by clicking here.

The winter issue of Scribble will be published this month, so I will let readers know as soon as it’s available to buy. More details to follow soon, including a sneak peek of the story. 🙂

Next week:
This week, I talked about a celebrity who’s dead but might be alive. Next week I’m talking about a celebrity who’s alive but might be dead…


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